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Holistic Awakening

Mindfulness Event

Holistic Awakening

Guided by Isabella and Chiara you will embark on a physical, mental and spiritual journey learning about your own body, mind, and health through yoga practise, breathing work, meditation, coaching, and self-reflection designed to help you access higher realms of sacred energy, peace and reconnection.

During this journey you will allow your body and mind to be cleansed from the inside out, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalised, and with clarity of mind.

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The daily program


6:30 – 7:00
7:30 – 9:00




Breath-Work or Yoga Nidra
Group Coaching



Intention Circle

We will practise different styles of meditation for you to find the one that is suited to your goals. It takes only a few minutes each day to generate the clarity of mind and the direction you need in your personal or business life.

Flowing through different styles of Yoga we will explore the fundamental poses connected with the natural rhythm of the breath. We will focus on the body and mind sensation that the pose creates.

Breath Work
You will learn how to properly breath, you will develop new skills and try new tools which will allow you first to assess yourself and later to manage your reactions under stress, anxiety and pain circumstances.

Group Coatching
Coaching can offer you a new set of eyes, you will see possibilities you haven’t seen before. You will be able to change your perspective of the world around you. You will gain intention and direction to support your moving forward.




Who’s with you in this adventure?

Isabella Ciocca

“I love to guide people into yoga practice to discover their own and unique path.”

For Isabella Yoga is a lifestyle. She stumbled into Yoga a long time ago as a practitioner and soon discovered how yoga can shape the body and the mind creating spiritual balance. She is an International Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher with 500 + hours of teaching training.

Under Neil Pearson’s mentorship she became a Yoga pain care therapist qualified to treat the issue of chronic pain.

Chiara Scarpa Hattersley

“My mission is to help others to discover their true-self and create the life they always desired”

Chiara is a Transformational Coach living in The Bahamas. She studied coaching at the Proctor Gallagher Institute and later at the University of Miami. She is a member of the International Coaching Foundation where she keeps working on her continuing education.

We’ll invite you to practice with an alert awareness, friendly and compassionate mind.

We’ll encourage you to be aware about mind, emotions, and body sensations.
We’ll developing awareness not to judge but, through observing and understanding, making the transformation.

We’ll guide you through:



A special place for a special experience

The Brijuni National Park is a protected natural area in Croatia.

Brijuni are the most interesting, largest and most indented group of islands along the west


What people who have already had this experience say

Chiara provides me with the clarity and guidance I need to successfully navigate through my life, relationships and career.

At the end of every session I am astounded at how we have effortlessly and naturally come full circle

– all thanks to her many skills as a coach. She has exceptional listening skills and is able to see through my words to the root causes/needs; her positive attitude is infectious and I feel comfortable in sharing all my thoughts and feelings with her; and she supports and gently challenges me to find my authentic identity and be the best version of myself. Chiara’s strong passion and belief in what she is doing is what attracted me to her. I strongly recommend her for anyone’s coaching journey – I guarantee it will be transformational!

Yasemin – London UK

“After trying any type of classes, I gave up thinking “yoga was not my thing”.

Isabella showed me the practice from another point of view. I learned that yoga is not about how good you are to do headstand, but is a personal journey towards balance and well-being. I’ve learned the importance of breathing and I’ve learned to listen to my body. I’m still in the journey and I’m grateful. Thank to Isabella I had the chance to discover this new point of view and the true meaning of yoga.”

Elena – Dubai

Isabella is the yoga teacher everyone would love to have because she was  able to understand and interpret from the very first lesson my needs, both from anatomical and psychological point of view. Isabella has a deep knowledge of yoga techniques and is able to adapt them on my body shape and my abilities using her impressive visual capacity, very important on zoom. She instill me serenity and confidence, even if on zoom, to bring me a feeling of mental and physical relaxation.

– Joseph – Italy

Chiara is a fabulous coach. She is a great listener and is even able to make sense of my ramblings! She’s very intuitive and even when I arrive to our session feeling confused and lethargic, I always finish feeling energetic and inspired to be productive. She is very trustworthy and I feel safe and able to open up throughout the session. I have made some very positive changes in my life thanks to our coaching sessions.

Claire, Nutritional Coach – The Bahamas

The coaching sessions I did with Chiara were transformative for me. She was intentionally about understanding my life goals and helped me to remove all the obstacles (that were in my mind) holding me back. She probed in the right areas and instinctively sensed my anxieties and blockages. After few coaching sessions with her alongside my ‘homework’, my fears subsided majorly and I was able to make the necessary plans to close my chapter and start a new one.

I am now fully present in my new chapter with many thanks to Chiara. Chiara is a magical coach and I highly recommend her!

Inga, – Madrid, Spain

I have been training with Isabella for quite sometimes now, and each lesson represents  for me a unique experience. Her strong passion and authentic dedication are contagious and during her classes she is able to guide you into fantastic journey inside your body, mind and soul. I particularly like the energy she can transfer together with the feeling of relaxation she is able to induce to every student. Isabella has a holistic approach to yoga: she uses to explain very well the ratio behind practices and always gives valuable insights about  yoga philosophy which is something I particularly value. Her experience with  different styles of yoga and up-to-date studies about Yoga Therapy has made a big impact on my back issues: she is always my referral person in case of pain. She is an experienced, joyful and full of life person and each class is full of light and uplifting energy! I am truly addicted to it!

– Anton Dubai 

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