Prices and availability

Before choosing dates, check the booking terms and conditions regarding the minimum stay 2024.
Season 2024: 22 Apr. - 14 Oct.
PeriodMin number of nights
VILLA BEACH and MOBILE HOME BRIONI BEACHfrom 22/04 to 15/065 nights
from 15/06 to 07/097 nights*
from 07/09 to 14/105 nights
B&B ROOMS, MOBILE HOMES and HOLIDAY HOMESfrom 22/04 to 18/052 nights
from 18/05 to 15/063 nights
from 15/06 to 13/075 nights
from 13/07 to 31/087 nights*
from 14/09 to 14/102 nights
*from Saturday to Saturday.

Various types of pitches have different minimum stay than the one stated above.

Departures for pitches by 12 noon
Departures for accommodations by 10 a.m.

In case of different needs, please contact us by filling in the form below.

Village safety

Plan your holiday safely!

We at BiVillage have always been attentive to safety. We are prepared to make your holiday even more serene and smart.

Upon your arrival you will be able to use the official BI4YOU app: it gives you the possibility to access all the activities of the village, even on your mobile phone!

It is possible to book a COVID-19 rapid antigen test (price € 20 – HRK 150) or a COVID-19 molecular test (price € 50 – HRK 345).


Health & safety management

The Health & Safety Manager is responsible for ensuring and managing the safety of guests and employees.

He is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is able to provide medical assistance to the doctor on duty if necessary.

His presence in the facility ensures constant monitoring of general health conditions, keeping the environment safe and in line with prescribed standards.

Your accommodation unit

Bi village cooperates with a specialised company that provides sanitization of all accommodation units/mobile homes/ rooms after each guest exchange, using certified cleaning products or other products such as air ozonizers. Natural aeration is guaranteed and AC filters are periodically replaced.

Each season, before the opening of the Village, a preventive disinfestation of all accomodation units is carried out.


The size of the campsite (with more than 900 pitches) and the size of the pitches (min. 100 m2, max. 150 m2) guarantee a safe distance.


We have arranged the beach umbrellas in a way that guarantees you more privacy.

Access to the beach will be organised, so that you can access our beach in complete safety.

Animation and sport

Our fantastic animators will always be with you.

Our app and our staff will give you the possibility to make a reservation and take part in our events, this way you will be able to participate in the events avoiding queues and gatherings.

The main activities will be accessible through the app and our social channels.

Restaurants and bars

The tables of restaurants and bars are arranged in such a way as to maintain sufficient space between guests, in order to ensure greater privacy.

Glasses, plates and cutlery are washed in the dishwasher with special detergents. The washing temperature is such that it guarantees the inactivation of viruses. The correct washing of the tablecloths is guaranteed by the professional laundry used by the Village.

Common areas

In our Village, we guarantee night safety by relying on the surveillance service, active all day from June to August, and from 19:00 to 7:00 in May and September.

The common bathrooms are sanitized by the staff several times a day with chlorine-based sanitizing cleaners. Any extraordinary sanitization operations are noted in a special register.

Swimming pools are cleaned every week with a determined closing day, rotating each week.

Every week, the Institute of Public Health takes a sample of water and checks its quality.

Wellness areas

Access to the wellness areas is specially defined in order to guarantee maximum safety conditions. If you wish, you can book your fitness activities directly from your smartphone.

Our staff

The staff changing rooms are cleaned daily. All the surfaces are carefully cleaned with water and detergent, and then disinfected.

In case of necessity

If necessary, you can contact our medical unit.

00 385992114895