Prices and availability

Before choosing dates, check the booking terms and conditions regarding the minimum stay 2024.
PeriodMin number of nights
VILLA BEACH and MOBILE HOME BRIONI BEACHfrom 24/04 to 14/06/20245 nights
from 15/06 to 09/09/20247 nights*
from 09/09 to 14/10/20245 nights
B&B ROOMS, MOBILE HOMES and HOLIDAY HOMESfrom 24/04 to 18/05/20242 nights
from 18/05 to 15/06/20243 nights
from 15/06 to 13/07/20245 nights
from 13/07 to 31/08/20247 nights*
from 31/08 to 14/09/20245 nights
from 14/09 to 14/10/20242 nights
*from Saturday to Saturday or from Sunday to Sunday.

Various types of pitches have different minimum stay than the one stated above.

Departures for pitches by 12 noon
Departures for accommodations by 10 a.m.

In case of different needs, please contact us by filling in the form below.

Windsurfing and diving

With such a clear blue sea, you can’t help but try windsurfing and diving

On the beach at the vacation center at your disposal are the windsurfing school and the Caretta Diving Center. Both rent the best equipment.

Inside BiVillage you can experience our sports courses, designed for lovers of adventure and the outdoors.


Fly over the crystal clear water of Croatia

In our camp with windsurfing school in Istria you will have the opportunity to participate in both group and individual lessons, organized every day of the week for children from 7 years old and adults up to 65 years old.

All the best equipment is available, while the courses, which are also available in different languages (Italian, English, German and Croatian), are divided by level bands, from beginner to expert.

Windsurf al BiVillage
Windsurfing school


For diving lovers, on the other hand, we organize diving lessons in our village in Fažana!

Caretta Diving Center

Discovering the sea

Overlooking Brijuni National Park, our center is located within the BiVillage, near the charming coastal town of Fažana.

After many years of teaching and many guided dives, we have profiled a team of professionals whose top priorities are safety and customer satisfaction!

We offer trial diving services, beginner and advanced courses, and diving excursions to locations around Brijuni National Park, Pula, and the famous Baron Gautsch and Hans Schmidt wrecks.

corso di immersioni in mare al villaggio vacanze bivillage in istria
Scuba diving in Croazia al BiVillage


The program, which lasts about 2 hours, consists of a short theoretical part during which the basics of diving are taught, followed by a boat ride and a dive together with one of our instructors to a depth of 5 to 10 m.

The minimum age requirement is 10 years old.