Village safety

Plan your holiday safely!

We at BiVillage have always been attentive to safety. We are prepared to make your holiday even more serene and smart.

Upon your arrival you will be able to use the official BI4YOU app: it gives you the possibility to access all the activities of the village, even on your mobile phone!

It is possible to book a COVID-19 rapid antigen test (price € 20 – HRK 150) or a COVID-19 molecular test (price € 50 – HRK 345).


We answer your questions about safety

Upon your arrival

The reception is equipped with an anti-droplet screen.
An alcohol-based sanitizing gel dispenser is available at the reception desk.
Sanitizing gel dispensers are available in all common areas.
Guests are not required to measure their body temperature, even if the Village has the right to do so, and it can prevent them from entering the Village if their body temperature is higher than 37,5 °C.

Rapid antigen test or molecular test for Covid-19

Inside the resort it is possible to book (at reception or directly by the doctor) a COVID-19 rapid antigen test (price € 20 – HRK 150) or a COVID-19 molecular test (price € 50 – HRK 375).

Test will perform in medical practice in the center of Pula, address TERRA MEDICA Amfiteatarska 8, 52100 Pula.
They will be carried out at the Village by a qualified doctor.

For the rapid antigen test, the official result is communicated within 30 minutes by email in your own language. In the case of the rapid rapid antigen test, the official result is communicated within 30 minutes by e-mail and for the PCR during the day.

More information:
Tel: 00 385 98 410 680


Your accommodation unit

Bi village cooperates with a specialised company that provides sanitization of all accommodation units/mobile homes/ rooms after each guest exchange, using certified cleaning products or other products such as air ozonizers. Natural aeration is guaranteed and AC filters are periodically replaced.

Before your arrival, the floors are sanitized with chlorine-based sanitizing cleaners.
Handles, keypads and other surfaces are sanitized with alcohol-based sanitizing cleaners.
All the relevant sanitizing measures taken during cleaning the air conditioning and heating filters will be noted in a special register.


The size of the campsite (with more than 900 pitches) and the size of the pitches (min. 100 m2, max. 150 m2) guarantee a safe distance; furthermore, the possibility to spend your holiday outdoors and enjoy the sun is an important component in the battle against infection.
How to set up a caravan: the open sides (access point) of housing units located in the corner (caravan, trailer, tent) have to maintain the distancing of at least 3 metres from other neighbouring units.


We have arranged the beach umbrellas in a way that guarantees you more privacy.
Access to the beach will be organised, so that you can access our beach in complete safety.
The distance between beach equipment (beach umbrellas and loungers for rent) must be at least 2 meters.
The distance between other beach equipment (loungers, chairs or beach towels) must be at least 1,5 metres.

Animation and sport

Our fantastic animators will always be with you.

Our app and our staff will give you the possibility to make a reservation and take part in our events, this way you will be able to participate in the events avoiding queues and gatherings.

The main activities will be accessible through the app and our social channels.

All individual sports are allowed (tennis, water sports, diving, surfing, etc.) and can be enjoyed in complete safety.
Guests must be cautious not to form groups larger than 10 people while practicing team sports such as soccer, basketball, beach volley. Sports fields/courts are free (except for the tennis court).

Outodoor cross fit gym and aerobic: The safety distance of at least 1,5 metres must be maintained when people are not exercising, and at least 2 metres during the exercise (with special attention during intense physical activities).

Restaurants and bars

Guests must wear masks inside the restaurant whenever they leave their table.

Tables must be arranged in a way that the seating guarantees the distance of at least 1,5 metres between people, except for those who aren’t obliged to maintain this distance (families and close people); this last aspect is left to individual responsibility.

You can choose to book our tasty dishes directly from your smartphone and have them delivered to your accommodation/pitch or use your smartphone to book a table.

Food and drink establishments are constantly ventilated. The tables are placed at a minimum distance of 150 cm from each other.

An alcohol-based sanitizing gel dispenser is provided in all food and drink establishments, which can be used by both guests and staff members.

The dishes are served by waiters directly at the tables. Other food can be served with adequate equipment by waiters with masks and gloves.

Glasses, plates and cutlery are washed in the dishwasher with special detergents. The washing temperature is such that it guarantees the inactivation of viruses.
The correct washing of the tablecloths is guaranteed by the professional laundry used by the Village.

Disposable napkins are used to ensure maximum hygiene.

Buffet breakfast is allowed, but only if following safety measures and social distancing. Meals will be brought to your table after you order them at the buffet.

Common areas

The floors are sanitized daily with chlorine-based sanitizing cleaners.
Handles, keypads and other surfaces are sanitized with alcohol-based sanitizing cleaners.
The common bathrooms are sanitized by the staff several times a day with chlorine-based sanitizing cleaners.
Any extraordinary sanitization operations are noted in a special register.

Keep a distance of at least 1,5 metres in all Village areas.
It is mandatory to wear a masks in all closed spaces, shops and public transport.

Disinfectant products at the pools: each pool is equipped with dispensers containing hydroalcoholic solution for hand hygiene placed in clearly visible points at the entrance in order to promote hand hygiene. The guests are required to sanitize their hand and feet (in the tub) and to take a shower before entering the pool.

 Wellness areas

Access to the wellness areas is specially defined in order to guarantee maximum safety conditions. If you wish, you can book your fitness activities directly from your smartphone.

The floors are sanitized daily with chlorine-based sanitizing cleaners.
Handles, keypads and other surfaces are sanitized with alcohol-based sanitizing cleaners.

Solarium area: the maximum number of people allowed in the solarium area is defined by the index of no less than 7 m2 of surface per person. Loungers and other equipment (loungers, beach umbrellas) will be positioned at a proper distance to ensure undisturbed passage on the designated pathways. Every time a lounger is no longer used by a guest and/or at the end of every shift, all equipment is sanitized by pool staff.

Our staff

The shift managers of each department measure the body temperature of incoming colleagues.
All staff members whose body temperature exceeds 37.2 ° won’t be able to access the premises.

The staff changing rooms are cleaned daily. All the surfaces are carefully cleaned with water and detergent, and then disinfected.

Staff are required to wear a mask in the presence of guests and in all circumstances where the distance of at least 1,5 metres between people can’t be guaranteed.

Enter and exit

We have provided different entry and exit routes, in order to guarantee maximum safety.


You can contact our offices for everything you need. You can do it by:

  • phone
  • video call (with the app)
  • going to the reception.

In case of necessity

If necessary, you can contact our medical unit.

If during your stay at the Village any symptoms should appear (body temperature higher than 37,2°C or you suspect you may be infected with Covid) stay in your accommodation unit until the arrival of the epidemiologist and be sure to notify us immediately by calling 00385 /99/ 21 14 89 5.
In case of infection or suspicion of infection, the doctor of the Village will contact the official epidemiologist. Should the suspicion of infection be justified or confirmed showing mild or no symptoms, the infected person will be moved to a self-isolation unit while the rest of the family members or companions must leave the Village and the country. In case of severe symptoms and health problems the infected person will be transferred to the General hospital in Pula.