World Bicycle Day

The uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle, which has been in use for two centuries and is a simple, inexpensive, reliable and sustainable means of transport that promotes environmental preservation and health.”

It was with these words in 2018 that 193 members of the United Nations voted in favour and decided to celebrate World Bicycle Day on 3 June.

The bicycle as an element of environmental and social sustainability

Among all the keywords that we have to connect and devote to the use and choice of the bicycle, sustainability is certainly the one that deserves special attention.

Not only because of its environmental impact, which reduces Co2 emissions to zero, but also because it is a means of transport that allows community cohesion, a closer approach to environmental and land-related issues in general, referring to the part of sustainability that we all too often forget to mention: the social one.

Bicycle and sustainability

In modern times, where hydro-geological phenomena linked to climate change are contributing to a paradigm shift that brings disasters and devastation, paying attention to even the smallest of gestures that we can make on a daily basis as active citizens of our planet is more important than ever.

Bicycle and creativity

Cycling stimulates creativity, curiosity, and sets a slower but certainly more harmonious pace of life.

This tightens the grip on the need to discover and discover oneself, which in times of digitalisation seems to have become an unattainable chimera.

If we grew up hearing the names of bicycle champions in songs – Francesco De Gregori’s 1993 masterpiece “Il bandito e il Campione” immediately springs to mind – wrapped in the warmth of the Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy); if we dreamt of uncontaminated journeys on the saddle of a “flaming red” bike; if our knees are still bruised at the memory of the first adventures on bikes without training wheels, today more than ever we can define the bicycle as a semiotic object of dreams and redemption, of awareness and trust, of love and passion.

Bicycle and tourism

In the tourism sector, for example, the BiHoliday villages of Caorle, in Italy, and Fažana, in Croatia, both “bike-friendly“, have always embraced the concept of “slow-tourism“, thanks to their two locations surrounded by greenery that offer unique experiences aimed at giving their guests incredible emotions and vibes.

The bicycle is an object to be experienced to the full in order to map out collective paths of meaning and of building a future that can really get to be better.

For us and for those to come.

So, hurray for the bicycle! Whatever colour yours is…

A cycling holiday

In Italy, the San Francesco Village, the magnificent BiHoliday village a few kilometres from Venice, awaits you. Discover it on the saddle of your bike!