Padel: an emerging sports phenomenon

The sports industry, like the tourism industry, is constantly evolving. Sports lovers are always looking for new experiences, and vacations are the perfect time to discover and experience new forms of fun.

Among the many emerging activities, one in particular has been able to excite and engage more and more sportsmen and women around the world in recent years: padel. In this new article we are going to explore the padel universe and find out how and why this discipline has managed to win millions of new fans in a short time !

The Story

Padel is a sport that combines elements of tennis and squash, and is played inside a smaller court surrounded by glass walls. Originating in 1960s Mexico, the story of its invention is indeed curious.

It dates back to 1969, when Mexican patron Enrique Corcuera, mismeasuring the construction of a tennis court inside his luxurious residence in Acapulco, decided to make up for it by considering the walls as an integral part of the playing field. Of this strange discipline he had invented, and which he began to call “padel,” he also wrote the first rules, most of which have remained as they are today.

He later presented his invention to an acquaintance of his in Marbella, and the latter was so impressed by it that he decided to export the game specifically to Spain in 1974. Shortly after, in 1975, it was millionaire Julio Menditengui who imported the new sport to his country, Argentina: here, too, success was extraordinary and in a short time Padel spread to several million practitioners and thousands of courts, becoming one of the most played sports in the entire nation.

The secret behind padel’s success is surely its dynamic nature, but also the ease of learning and the sociability it promotes-all of which make the game perfect for those seeking a fun and accessible sports challenge. It began to establish itself in Italy in the early 2000s, but its popularity increased exponentially only during the pandemic period, as being a dynamic, outdoor sport so many people decided to try it as an alternative to indoor sports.

The rules

Considering its ability to adapt to different skill levels and the friendly atmosphere it creates, it is evident how Padel represents the Perfect sport to try even on vacation. But how to play the game? The padel court is similar to the tennis court, but smaller: measuring 10 meters wide and 20 meters long. It is enclosed by four three-meter-high, transparent walls, while the paddles are about 45 cm long, 25 wide and 3.5 thick.

Unlike the tennis ones, they do not have strings but the so-called “full plate,” which is very often equipped with holes to give aerodynamics. The balls, on the other hand, are similar to tennis balls but lighter and inflated with less pressure. The net is also slightly lower, for 92 centimeters at the ends and 88 in the middle. Beating is compulsorily done from the bottom, hitting the ball with the racket above the pelvis after making it bounce. If we throw the ball and bounce it, it can touch the walls and be hit; the important thing is that we do not throw it directly at them without it first bouncing on the floor. The ball can be hit on the volley, with the exception of the response shot to the opponent’s serve.

Padel is mainly played in doubles and only in major events is it played in singles, or one-on-one. The point is scored when opponents allow the ball to bounce twice, if they make it impact directly against the walls or if they make it go into the net. As for scoring, the calculation follows the same system as in tennis: 15 points for one, 30 for two and 40 for three. In the case of a 40-40 tie, one of the pairs must score two more points than the opponent to win the game.

A set victory is awarded to the person who reaches 6 games first, unless the score is 5-5 or 6-6: in the former scenario, a gap of two games must be obtained to win 7-5; in the latter case, a tie-break is held, where each point counts as one and victory is awarded to the person who reaches at least 7 points With a gap of at least 2 points from the opponent. Winning two sets determines the victory of the match.

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Sports vacations at the Villaggio San Francesco

Meet the author

Marta Conean

Marta Conean is a former Italian professional tennis player originally from the
from Treviso, who can boast as many as six call-ups to the women’s national tennis team. She told us that she fell in love with this
sports 9 years ago:

I first played it in Rome and haven’t been able to stop since. It is a simple sport that fascinates because of its ability to engage and excite people. Right away I knew it would be a huge success.

In 2018 years, FIT asked her to contribute to the development and dissemination of this new discipline in the Veneto region, and today she serves as FITP regional councilor delegated to Padel. In addition, Marta runs Padel Club “0422” inside Park Tennis in Villorba, a historic sports center in the city of Treviso.