Prices and availability

Before choosing dates, check the booking terms and conditions regarding the minimum stay 2024.
PeriodMin number of nights
VILLA BEACH and MOBILE HOME BRIONI BEACHfrom 24/04 to 14/06/20245 nights
from 15/06 to 09/09/20247 nights*
from 09/09 to 14/10/20245 nights
B&B ROOMS, MOBILE HOMES and HOLIDAY HOMESfrom 24/04 to 18/05/20242 nights
from 18/05 to 15/06/20243 nights
from 15/06 to 13/07/20245 nights
from 13/07 to 31/08/20247 nights*
from 31/08 to 14/09/20245 nights
from 14/09 to 14/10/20242 nights
*from Saturday to Saturday or from Sunday to Sunday.

Various types of pitches have different minimum stay than the one stated above.

Departures for pitches by 12 noon
Departures for accommodations by 10 a.m.

In case of different needs, please contact us by filling in the form below.

Beach volleyball courts

Sports and group fun

What is summer without a game of volleyball?
Beach volleyball is a sport for everyone: try it on our outdoor courts!

Our beach volleyball courts

By reserving the court within the sports area, you will have the opportunity to play and test your skills and challenge your opponents for a vacation of sport and beach volleyball!

Beach volleyball tournaments at the BiVillage

The tournaments we organise at the Camping Resort BiVillage and the camps are open to everyone, young and old: a genuine way to create close-knit groups of friends and to try to have the most fun during your camping holiday!

The playing field

Our field measures 16 x 8 m and is surrounded by a clear zone at least 3 metres wide on all sides.

ragazzo che salta e sta per mandare la palla oltre la rete a beach volley
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