Sport Arena

Training in the cool air of the Istrian pine forest is a unique experience

The Sport Arena is the Bivillage’s fitness area that helps you keep in shape even on holiday!

Morning, noon, evening: train whenever you want, in the pine forest it is always cool!

The Sport Arena is an area dedicated to fitness. A complex devoted to gymnastics to stimulate various parts of the body and train strength and endurance.

It offers various pieces of equipment such as bars, rods and benches. In 2014, fitness event “Fanatic Adriatic Throwdown” was held in this area, where athletes have ventured into competitions in prowess and skills with weights and into a triathlon between land and sea.

For a vacation dedicated to fitness, try yourself in competitions with family and friends. You will also have at your disposal a special sports package Contact us and we’ll create the best solution for your needs.