International Earth Day

The BiVillage presents “Next Generation”

Next Generation” is the name of the project that will be launched from this 2022 season at the Bi Village in Fazana, Croatia, which is also a Bi Holiday village.

“Learning with Fun”

Next Generation is a place that will be dedicated to little girls and boys, giving them the chance to “get their hands dirty” with the soil, planting flowers, vegetables and plants using gardening tools that will be provided in the size appropriate to their young age.

Let’s get started… From here

Funecology and cooperation will be the key words of this “botanical garden” designed and conceived for children in order not only to develop their motor skills, but also to raise their awareness of sustainability and care for the environment.

Vines, beans, peas, pumpkins and even sunflowers, climbing plants and vegetables of all kinds are just some of the specialities that will see the little ones engaged in a call to action that will lead to fun and group contact in the open air.

Tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots will become the children’s best friends. At the end of their experience, they will be happy to take home much more than a holiday: they will bring home a basic knowledge that will enhance their awareness that it is possible to start believing in a better world from an early age. Actually, it is necessary.

“Next Generation”: the garden in the shape of… Children.