World Radio Day

“Uri (Unione Radiofonica Italiana), Italian Radio Union. 1-RO: Rome station. Wavelength 425 meters. To all those who are listening, we send our greetings and we wish you a good evening. It’s 21:00 on October 6, 1924. We broadcast the inaugural concert of the first Italian radio station, for the service of the circular radio auditions, the quartet composed of Ines Viviani Donarelli, who is speaking to you, Alberto Magalotti, Amedeo Fortunati and Alessandro Cicognani, will perform Haydn from the Opus 7 string quartet, I and II half“.

Thus the history of Italian radio began, with the very first announcement in 1924. An epochal moment, a turning point and a change, which represents the roots of radio as we know it today.

A tool for transmitting values and promoting diversity

Radio has quickly become the most popular communication tool, providing a variety of content that reflects the diversity of the listeners.

Today, radio is the mass media that reaches the largest number of people in the world, even the most remote communities. It is a part of everyday life, which accompanies moments of each person’s personal history and acts as a soundtrack for them.

A tool that has endured through ages and has resisted the arrival of the Internet and smartphones, in fact: it has also taken advantage of it! As a matter of fact, the first Web Radios were created in 1998, and they were accessible with any tool able to access the Internet.

Music as a binding factor

Can you imagine a day without music?

Radio and music are fundamental components of our days. Together, they promote socialization and the formation of groups through engagement and entertainment. .

BiHoliday on Spotify: share your sound

Every day, our Villages wake up to the rhythm of music. From the little ones who have fun to the tune of Baby Dance, to beachfront aperitif accompanied by the sound of the most danced and sung songs of the summer.

Hearing these songs months later brings us back here: on the beach, at sunset, at the breakfast in the pine forest, surrounded by the scent of green and by the noise of the waves.

Music full of memories, nostalgia and impatience – impatience to experience this magic again: that’s why we are introducing you our Spotify channel, ready to soon welcome all the songs that will take your mind back to the happiest days of summer!


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