Education Day, the value to focus on

Education Day 2023 is an occasion to celebrate the importance of education and to recognise the contribution of teachers, lecturers, trainers and students around the world: undoubtedly a value to focus on. Established by the United Nations in 2018, the day is an opportunity to reflect on how education can be improved to ensure that all young people have the skills needed to meet the challenges of the modern world.


This year’s (2023) International Day of Education is the fifth and has as its theme “Investing in people, prioritizing education”. Building on the global momentum generated by the United Nations Summit on Education Transformation in September 2022, this year’s Day calls for a strong focus on these issues and translating commitments into action.

The UN recognized as a goal that education should be prioritized to accelerate progress towards all of the Sustainable Development Goals especially in the complex context of global recession, growing inequality and climate crisis.

Bi-Holiday’s commitment starting with a renewed Academy


It is easy, in this specific case, to refer to the saying “The exams never end” (taken from the title of a comedy by Eduardo de Filippo); for us this means never stopping in developing a business model where learning is a constant, offering the team that makes up our large family continuous training. In particular, since this year, our Bi-Academy – an internal training project, created in 2015 – has launched a new educational path developed entirely in collaboration with CISET, the International Center for Studies on the Tourism Economy; this is essentially a super-specialist school dedicated to the tourism professions that operate in Bi-Holiday.

An achievement, in terms of hospitality, that we see in all our villages and in your holiday experience.

Education in a Digital World

Per BFor BiHoliday training and education are a daily reason to take a step forward.

With BiAcademy we have established a training course divided between lectures and online lessons, also dedicated to the topic of digitalism, to prepare today’s young workers for the opportunities of the future.