Bauwatch – 3 and 4 September 2022

We look forward to seeing you on 3 and 4 September with your friend Fido!

Bauwatch – an event tailored to your 4-legged friend

After the success of the first edition, Bauwatch will be back at the BiVillage!

Organised by Michael Brioschi Guinet Glocal Creator with the Glocal Experience® concept, in collaboration with the Dog Training School “Professione Cane” of Padua and the National Institute for Training Rescue Dogs, the event aims to raise awareness of the presence of dogs on the beach and therefore on holiday.

Dog Rescue

You will witness dog units engaged in exercises of rescuing people in difficulty at sea, alone, with the Paddle or the SUP.

First contact with water

If your dog doesn’t like water, this will be the perfect time to attempt the first dive together with the “Professione Cane” dog trainers.

First aid

You will learn basic first aid techniques and how to interpret the signals of your four-legged friend.

Programme of the event


At 16.30

  • Rally Obedience programme, designed to develop better empathy between dog and human, even when dealing with provoked stimuli.
  • First aid essentials: useful tips for when you are on holiday with your four-legged friend (Brioni Mobilehome area near the beach)

At 18.30

  • 6-legged walk to the centre of Fazana, where a fantastic surprise will be waiting for you! During the walk, dog trainers will give useful tips on how to handle your four-legged friend when you take him or her for a walk (start in front of the Al Mare Restaurant).


10.30 -12.30

  • Dog Rescue exhibitions with dog-rescue units (Bi Dog Beach): you will experience simulations of rescues at sea with dog-rescue and rescue units.
  • First approach with water for all guests who want their dog to experience a first contact with the sea (Bi Dog Beach) and “Swimming on 6 legs” activity, side by side with their Friend, for those who are more experienced.

At 16.00

  • Dog diving competition – Take the run-up, jump and… splash! The best jumps in the water will be awarded by our very special jury. (Pier in front of the Al Mare Restaurant)

At 20.30

  • Dog Catwalk – Dog parade to elect the cutest dogs at the Bi Village! (Theatre)

How to join Bauwatch

You can join this event by purchasing a day pass or for free if your holiday includes the nights on 3rd and 4th of September.


Write us at for more information.


We have a dedicated offer for you! Pet free of charge and 5% discount on the total amount.