Prices and availability

Before choosing dates, check the booking terms and conditions regarding the minimum stay 2024.
Season 2024: 22 Apr. - 14 Oct.
PeriodMin number of nights
VILLA BEACH and MOBILE HOME BRIONI BEACHfrom 22/04 to 15/065 nights
from 15/06 to 07/097 nights*
from 07/09 to 14/105 nights
B&B ROOMS, MOBILE HOMES and HOLIDAY HOMESfrom 22/04 to 18/052 nights
from 18/05 to 15/063 nights
from 15/06 to 13/075 nights
from 13/07 to 31/087 nights*
from 14/09 to 14/102 nights
*from Saturday to Saturday.

Various types of pitches have different minimum stay than the one stated above.

Departures for pitches by 12 noon
Departures for accommodations by 10 a.m.

In case of different needs, please contact us by filling in the form below.

A team of experienced animators

Guaranteed fun with BiHoliday entertainment

The BiHoliday entertainment team is waiting for you at the BiVillage Vacation Center in Fažana!

One of Istria’s best-loved resorts with everything you need to make your vacation in Croatia unforgettable: kids’ club, entertainment, beach games, shows, entertainment and sports for adults and children. A staff of 40 entertainers organizes, engages and enjoys a full program of activities and entertainment with our guests.


Guaranteed fun for children and teens of all ages

The place where your children’s fun is our top priority. With a team of entertainers and a wide range of engaging activities, the Miniclub is the ideal place for young explorers looking for adventure, games and smiles.

Join us and discover a world of fun at BiVillage in Fažana!

Guaranteed fun for children...
... and guys!


Entertainment and events for older children as well

At the BiVillage, adult entertainment offers not only evening shows of cabaret, musicals and variety, but also an extensive sports program.

Participate in our beach tournaments or sign up for soccer, tennis, padel and swimming lessons. Take advantage of private lessons available in multiple sports disciplines.

And in the evening… get involved with thematic events and live performances.

Join us for a perfect mix of physical activities and evening entertainment that will make your vacation unforgettable!

Live performances
Activities and entertainment

Check out the entertainment program

The BiVillage offers a personalised entertainment program for adults and children. Games, shows, sports, music, beach parties, tournaments and much more await you every day.

Check out all the activities and choose the experiences that are right for you!

Mini Club: our activities for kids and teens

Our Mini Club offers fun for children of all ages at all times of the day-from sports activities, tournaments, and recreational activities to the opportunity to participate in tournaments and competitions on the beach.

Mini Bizu Club

3 – 6 YEARS

Our Mini Club also welcomes younger children from 3 to 6 years old. Run by qualified staff ready to welcome and take the utmost care of the little ones.

Maxi Bizu Club

7 – 10 YEARS

A fun, educational and safe place for children from 7 to 10 years old to learn, play and make new friends in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Bizu Teeny Club

11 – 13 YEARS

A full program of activities awaits your kids. In our Teeny Club you will find the cutest and funniest friends who will accompany you in spectacular games, creative workshops and much more.

What do we do at the Bizù Club?

The BiVillage vacation center offers a Mini Club with animation in one of the most beautiful locations on the Istrian sea. Children can socialize with other young guests and spend hours of fun together. The Mini Club engages children with games on the beach, in the pool, with sports tournaments such as volleyball, soccer and basketball, live music and more!


  • Recreational activities
  • Swimming in the sea/pool
  • Games and fun
  • Creative Workshops
  • Snack
  • Event
  • Swimming in the sea/pool


Service hours* Bizu Club

From 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

*service is free

Project DOG

A pet-friendly programme to be loved!

Children’s educational programmes, games and activities involving the whole family and four-legged friends: fun for all!

With Project DOG we wanted to create a dynamic and educational space involving
children, parents and dogs to enhance the time spent together, promote safe and
responsible bonding and interaction
with pets.

There are activities for you such as:

  • Morning wake-up call
  • Breakfast with the dog
  • Olfactory search
  • Dog welcome point
  • Social walk
  • Special day for children with games and workshops

For further information on dates, prices and bookings please contact our SAMPOINT in
the village!

Project DOG

For gaming enthusiasts


The brand new area dedicated to the latest in Game!

Bizu, who was born and lived on a small island, is the protector of nature and the sea. One day, after a great storm, the island began to sink and Bizu somehow had to save himself. When the island was already dangerously tilted and the sea threatened to engulf it, he was helped by a mermaid who helped him build a boat, a seahorse who showed him the way and led him, and a dolphin who protected him from sea predators and kept him company.
It was June 5, and the winds carried him to Croatia.
On that journey Bizu had a hidden friend who helped him in the most difficult moments to go in the right direction and to the right place, we are talking about “Time.” Tempo knew how much love for nature our friend had and that is why he decided to help him. Time let him continue with his protective role toward nature and the sea, confident that along with that he would also spread a world of love. Bizu lands in the Village on June 5, so we dedicate this day to World Environment Day.

biholiday bizù mascot


Our evenings are organized by professional entertainers who will involve all participants: music, dancing, dancing and theatrical performances are just some of the offerings waiting for you at the BiVillage vacation center.


Shows, musicals and more

BiHoliday entertainment will organize cabaret shows, variety shows, musicals and more for you!

And there’s more: we’re waiting for you on the dance floor with Let’s Party, our themed party… a real journey through dance music genres from around the world, from tarantella to the latest dance hit of the summer!

gruppo animatori del villaggio vacanze bivillage
animatori del villaggio durante uno spettacolo serale

Guaranteed fun

Samarkand Show Time

Every night from 9:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. at the Samarcanda Theater Show Time

Every evening we will liven up your after-dinner entertainment with piano bar concerts and entertainment shows. Relax in our company and be captivated by our program: cabaret shows, variety shows, musicals and much more for you!

Sports and tournaments for children and youth

BiVillage also offers competitions and tournaments consisting of various activities including: soccer, volleyball, table tennis, water polo , and darts, as well as the possibility of being able to try your hand at soccer, swimming, archery, tennis, sailing, canoeing with tours, and the possibility of private courses.
Experience the excitement of a real sports tournament with friends and family!

Free group courses, private courses for a fee and on demand.


Sports on vacation

Sports are important for everyone, but they can be especially beneficial for children and young people. It can help them keep fit in a fun way, boost their confidence and self-esteem, give them something active to do alone or with friends, and generally make them happier!

Young people can play soccer, basketball, tennis; participate in the many organized tournaments, train at our HIIT Arena or take part in swimming classes for all ages.


bambini in fila con istruttore di tennis
Tennis course
istruttore che insegna ai bambini come tirare con l'arco
stretching di gruppo nella palestra all'aperto del campeggio
HIIT Arena
bambini che giocano a calcio nel centro vacanze
bambina e istruttrice di nuoto durante il corso nel villaggio vacanze
Swimming Courses

Book an individual lesson

You will be able to make reservations directly in the Village at SamPoint.
Once there our staff will give you all the information you need.

Or book in advance by calling +385 52 300300 .

*Individual lessons in all sports are chargeable.


The new technology for fitness


Wiems PRO is a wireless electrostimulation muscle system (EMS) for the whole body.
When combined with exercise, EMS creates 40 percent more strength.

Keep yourself in training


A real sports center within the BiVillage!

Outdoor fun


Uphill, downhill, and obstacles surrounded by greenery: our Minigolf course is located near the Bizu Club and is the perfect realm of fun for young and old alike.

Please feel to contact our ENTERTAINMENT POINT: for any information: you can find it open from 9:30 am to 23:30pm.


Experiences for all tastes

Most of the activities and entertainment events are free!

If you are looking for even more adventure, the BiVillage offers many extra activities for a fee that provide fun for all family members. Try your hand at mini golf, whiz around on go-karts, or jump on trampolines and inflatables for an afternoon of guaranteed laughter.

Find out about all the extra activities and services:

  • Jangalooz Adventure Park
  • Jangalooz Trampoline Park
  • Mini golf
  • Windsurfing
  • Diving lessons
  • Game room

Please contact our SAMPOINT for information and prices!

buca da minigolf del campeggio in istria
corso di sub nel mare adriatico al bivillage
sala videogiochi nel camping resort bivillage in croazia

Fun and entertainment are the passwords at BiVillage Vacation Centre

BiVillage’s entertainment staff will provide all guests with a personalized entertainment program tailored to everyone’s tastes and age groups. Their mission is to make the stay enjoyable and fun for every family.
For you we arrange: