Most of Istria is part of Croatia, while a small part enters within the territory of Slovenia. A minor part of the peninsula is located in the Italian territory.

A holiday in Istria is not only about the sea, but also about the culture: here nature, countries and people live together in harmony and an idyllic summer vacation is a great excuse to explore the history, culture and the region. Discover all the beauty of Croatia at affordable prices at the Bi-Village, a modern tourist resort in Istria.

Active holidays
Thanks to the mild climate, fresh air and clean sea, sports fans can practice almost all disciplines, both in indoor gyms and in the open air fields. In the vicinity of the hotels there are well-equipped sports facilities, tennis courts fields and soccer, areas for mini golf, athletics, team sports and for the preparation of athletes at the highest level.

Family Holidays in Istria
Here, the key word is fun! Porec and Pula Aquariums, the Park of the squirrels and the Butterfly Garden, the fossil remains and theme parks will surround your ideal family vacation, providing fun and entertainment for all ages. Rediscover the unique taste of living and sharing emotions and fun with your children.

Wellness Holidays in Istria
Day after day we open new wellness centers, ready to welcome you and offer the combination of treatments best suited to each of you, between baths and saunas, ice pools, solarium and many other medical programs and esthetic treatments.

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