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Biasuzzi Cup 2019

International soccer tournament Giuseppe Biasuzzi Fažana Brioni Kup

From the 20th to the 23rd June 2019 the sixth edition of the “Giuseppe Biasuzzi Fažana Brioni Kup Tournament 2019” takes place in Fazana.

An extraordinary sporting event that involves the managers of the BiVillage Holiday Centre and the administration of the sports activities of the municipality of Fažana, under the expert supervision of the coordinator Mr. Nikša Ristić.

The tournament will open on Thursday, June 20, in the vicinity of the Village’s sports fields.

Where will the matches take place

All matches are played in the football fields of Fažana and Valbandon / NK Mladost and NK Valbandon.

The BiVillage resort offers all participants an unforgettable stay with a beautiful beach and a walk by the sea. The participants can walk to both playgrounds in a couple of minutes and don’t have to use any means of transport.

Tournament in numbers

  • 1200 boys
  • 83 teams in six age categories
  • 30 international soccer teams
  • 5 nations