Pula, the largest city in Istria, is a real treasure for culture lovers. Rich itinerary of the past three millenniums, confirmed at every step in the Old Town, begins and ends in the Roman amphitheater. Walking through Pula you will notice many monuments of Roman architecture: the Arch of the Sergii from the first century A.C., Hercules Gate and Twin Gates, the Temple of Augustus, the Arena and small Roman theatre in the town center. Along the road that leads from the Arena at the center of the city you will find the Istrian archaeological museum, behind the museum the small Roman theatre, and other interesting buildings such as the Main Post Offices designed by architect Angiolo Mazzoni (1933), the former Casino Marina (1872-1913), the Theatre and the Market in metal and glass where you can buy fresh fish and vegetables.

Pula is an attractive vacation destination for many tourists in search of relax. Its beaches are mainly rocky or gravel, with a crystalline sea in front: choose between the beaches for families with children and the wild beaches hidden with untouched greenery for lovers of privacy and intimacy.

Pula vacation resorts and structures are concentrated on the coast, including the Bi-Village, your campsite in Pula, ideal for those looking for a convenient and comfortable vacation. Moreover, those who appreciate the pleasures of good food can choose one of the many restaurants where selected Istrian dishes are prepared, accompanied by famous local wines.

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