Croatia offers numerous opportunities for fun and entertainment: nature, culture, sport e much more awaits you in this magical land on the Adriatic coast. What really will win you over will be the hospitality of the people and  wonderful panoramic views, whether you decide to visit the coast or the hinterland.

Croatia is famous worldwide for its crystal clear water, the quality of services offered to tourists and the entertainment that will make your vacation in Croatia unforgettable. Enjoy a fantastic stay in Croatia and admire the beautiful scenery, enjoy the typical dishes of the area and visit the nearby town of Pula, ancient Roman colony. And more, relax on beaches overlooking the clear blue waters of the Adriatic sea, visit museums and archaeological finds from the Roman period and book your vacation in the vanguard facilities of the country: choose Bi-Village for your vacation in Croatia!

What to see during your holiday in Croatia
The towns in Croatia that are worth visiting are innumerable: the ones that we list here are just a representation of all the wonders of this country. The first highly recommended destination is Pula, a city located in the extreme south of Istria, full of entertainment and natural beauty.
A short distance away you can find the St Stephen thermal baths and the natural park of the Brijuni Islands. The municipal palace, the convent, the cathedral and the amphitheater are just some of the attractions offered by this beautiful city. Definitely worth visiting are the surroundings of PulaFazana, Medulin, Banjole and Prematura – fascinating towns that will immerse you in the culture of the place.
Another unavoidable place is Istria, particularly towns such as Rovinj, Porec and Bibali, touristic heart of this beautiful peninsula. If your intention is to spend a culture vacation you have to visit the city of Zadar in northern Dalmatia and Zagreb in the continental part of the country.

Restaurants in Croatia: Eno-gastronomic vacation
Restaurants in Croatia are very popular and the specialty is of course fish, but also the meat dishes are excellent. The quality/price ratio is great and the portions are quite generous. Lamb and pork on the spit are national dishes, but also very popular are cevapcici and  raznjici, and of course – shrimps.
The peculiarity of the restaurants in Croatia is that they are open all day from 10 am to 2 am and you can get in even just for a drink.

Scuba diving in Croatia
Scuba diving in Croatia is an opportunity to see the true wonders of this country, that is its sea bottom and its rich marine life. Scuba diving is permitted only to those who are in possession of the Croatian Society of Scuba Divers card (HRS). Since 2003 there is also a new regulation that allows diving only to groups organized in duly registered clubs or associations; individual diving is only permitted after the acquisition of an annual license from the Coast Guard of  the cost of 2,400 Croatian Kuna (about 300 Euros).

Entertainment, attractions and night life in Croatia
In general, Croatia is a place more suitable for families, for those who like to walk and visit the historical centers. However, there are numerous dance terraces. For young people and for lovers of nightlife and clubs we recommend towns such as Porec, RovinjPula, Opatija and Dubrovnik.
But are the wonders of nature are the real strength of Croatia: natural parks, islands of unspoilt nature, crystal clear sea, a rich fauna and flora represent the wealth of this country.

Family vacation in Croatia
A family vacation can be difficult to organize, but it becomes very easy to satisfy all your requests when the destination is Croatia. A holiday in Croatia will meet the needs of all the family members, young and old. Relaxation and fun are guaranteed, thanks to the many facilities for tourists and natural landscapes that will make your family vacation unforgettable. Sports, culture, delicious dishes, beaches and beautiful landscapes will respond to the needs of the whole family. An expert staff of animators will brighten the days and nights of adults and children with games and dancing.

Vacation by the sea in Croatia
Vacation by the sea in Croatia is the realization of a dream for all those who love the sea, the sun and the fun. The sea of Croatia is a favorite destination for lovers of water sports: thanks to the favorable geographical position, Croatian coast is well-aired, a key condition for a good practice. Mostly the beaches are rocky in the headland area and gravel and pebble in the bays. In areas most frequented by bathers concrete terraces were built to facilitate access. The beaches in Croatia are free, the bright side is that there are no such crowds that characterize the Italian beaches. Remember to bring your rubber shoes to enter the water more easily and avoid unpleasant encounters with sea urchins and a fitness mat to place under the beach towel to be more comfortable.

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