Adventure Park

Jangalooz Adventure Park

Fly over, pass through, jump over obstacles! Jangalooz is calling you! Become a Superhero for a day!
In every one of us hides a……Jangaman or a Jangagirl! You can become a Jangalooz superhero too!
This season a new adrenalin kick awaits you  in Fažana at touristic village Bi village!
Hurry up, the Jangalooz adventure is waiting for you!


No place for fear or panic! Enjoy and have fun with the Saferoller, worlds safest continuous belay system. Off course our team is here to guide you and support you in every step of the way!
The new adventure park in Fažana inside Bi village camping has 5 levels, going from 1,5m up to a height of 10 m, 53 obstacles, over 400m Janga Zip10 m high climbing wall, the Janga Wall and the Junga Jump, a system which allows you to jump securely and freely from 12m height.

Be brave! Be free! Show yourself and others you can do it! Jangalooz is calling you, accept the challenge!

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