Villas, chalet, room beach, mobile homes or camping? 240 housing units, 170 mobilhomes and 1000 pitches! Whatever your idea of a vacation may be,  you will find the perfect accommodation at Bi-Village. Choose accommodation for your stay in our tourist resort in Fazana and discover advantages and peculiarities of each type of accommodation. For a safe and personalized choice to meet every need and wallet.

Dear Customer, here are the booking terms of minimum stay in 2017. for the periods of time you are interested in:
From April 20th till June 3rd and from September 16th till closure: minimum stay is 3 nights
From June 3rd till Juli 1st and from September 9th till September 16th: minimum stay is 4  nights
From July 1st till July 15th and from August 26th till September 9th: minimum stay is 5 nights
From July 15th till August 26th: minimum stay is 7 nights, bookings are possible from Saturday till Saturday, Sunday till Sunday or only for Mobile Home Pineta Tuesday till Tuesday.

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